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Special Forces Series

It’s been three years and I can’t think of a single day that doesn’t include a memory of the woman I’m in love with. The woman I pushed away. I’ve tried running. Hell, I ran damn near to the ends of the earth in my days as an active duty soldier. Alyssa was always there, waiting in the wings. I’ve accepted responsibility for what happened. Why isn’t that enough for me to let her go?

Moving on is the hardest thing to do. But I manage. I’m building my business from scratch and I pour myself into it every day. I even have a man who I trust enough to get past the first layer of bricks I’ve stacked around my heart. I’m happy. At least, most of the time. Isn’t that all anyone could ask for? I’m not the starry-eyed girl I was three years ago.

He isn’t supposed to be here. Invading the little bubble of peace and normalcy I’ve created. One look across a crowded room and the past spills out from the shadows and I’m back to facing the same question I haven’t been able to answer since that final goodbye…


Finn is a full-length, second chance military romance with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA!