Hooked Books 1-3: The Complete Series

Hooked Series

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Riley Simmons has her back against the wall and goes on the hunt for a discrete encounter that could solve her problems—at least temporarily. She finds her way into the world of escorting through a service that boasts only the most exclusive of clients.

What does she have to lose? Her dignity? That went out with the eviction notice and she knows desperate times bring even more desperate measures.

Alexander Maxwell is a very wealthy man. He has everything he could want, but when he sees Riley’s profile on a high end escort site, he begins to wonder if something is missing. He knows he has the means to take care of a woman like her, but in exchange, he has a set of specific demands.

Starting with exclusivity.

Alexander’s offer is tantalizing, almost too good to be true, but will Riley be able to let herself go? Or, will she realize that escort is just another name for hooker and run away before she gets hooked?

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Arranged in order of publication.

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