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Special Forces Series

When the unthinkable happens, Army Ranger Lucas Sprigg is called into a mission he never saw coming.

Army Ranger Lucas Sprigg is serving his country overseas when he receives earth shattering news. His mother was involved in a fatal car accident and passed away before news could even get to Lucas’ base. Lucas flies home to be with his five younger siblings and quickly finds out that he’s been named their guardian. Everything changes for Lucas overnight. He moves across the country and takes a desk job as an Army recruiter in order to accommodate his ready-made family.

It’s a long road from being an elite Army Ranger to a single parent, but Lucas throws himself into his new life whole-heartedly.

Isla Jenkins is an all American girl, who loves tailgating, football, and her favorite pair of jeans. It was always her dream to be a professional dancer for a national basketball team, but just before her big audition—she found out she was pregnant. The light of Isla’s new life is Lily, her rambunctious four-year-old daughter.

Lucas and Isla connect in an online message board for single parents and bond over their struggles.

When Lucas and Isla take their relationship into the real world, sparks fly, but the timing couldn’t be worse. Just as they are getting close, Isla’s ex-fiance comes back into the picture, demanding to see Lily—the daughter he’s never met. In a moment of panic, Isla tells her ex that she’s engaged. When she tells Lucas, he suggests that maybe it’s not such a bad idea.

Is their plan so crazy that it just might work? Or just plain crazy?