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Sweet Spot

Bad Boys Of Sports Romance

I’m Trey Delgado, professional MLB all-star hitter and I think life wants to break me in two. Luckily for me—I’m unbreakable.

They accuse me of being a baby daddy, a bad boy, a drunk and a playboy. Then I get traded from my all-star baseball team in beautiful Southern California, to a startup team in Oklahoma City where I’m expected to be their saving grace. Only because I know how to hit a ball and I might have hit it out of the park on their star pitcher’s debut game.

Yeah, he’s still reeling.

Oh, I can hit a ball. And I find that juicy sweet spot every damn time.

I can promise you that—even in Cow Country, USA.

Josie Crawford is the little fireball reporter covering my trade and she’s the sweetest, hottest reporter with a devil-red smile and legs that won’t quit. In cowboy boots, no less! Unfortunately, she doesn’t want anything to do with me—or so she thinks.

But, she sure as hell has me at attention.


When another scandal rips through my already tattered reputation, all eyes are on me, including Josie’s–but for all the wrong reasons. Just when I gain her trust—my whole life blows up. And everything I know is in jeopardy. My career, my fame, my money…and my future.

Remember that promise? The Sweet Spot?

Yeah? So does Josie—and I’m about to make her mine..

Sweet Spot is a full-length bad-boy sports romance with no cliffhanger and a happy ending. It’s got a tiny bit of baseball and a whole lot of sexy hotness! Filthy talking athletes who will melt your panties in thirty seconds or less! In fact…you should probably just leave them at the door!

Intended for readers 18+ due to Kindle-melting scenes and other mature content.