Entangled Heart

Ashby Crime Family Romance


I should have never got drunk that night.
But I come from the wrong side of the tracks.
Thank God the hard bodied man sleeping next to me is a gentleman.
Men like Jameson don’t go out with girls like me.
They keep us in the friend zone.
Well, he’s a friend with killer abs and an ass that won’t quit.
He’s also a cop and I work for the biggest crime family on the west coast.
But I’ve never believed in fairytales and happily ever afters don’t happen to people like me.


Ever since my best friend was killed, I’ve wanted to be a cop.
I get out of the academy, and the feds request me to help solve a double homicide because of the people I know.
My family.
And I’ve seen a lot. Too much.
But I’m not a crooked cop. I want justice to be served. On both sides of the law.
Madison is my best friend.
She sent donuts to the cop shop ffs.
She’s tough. Headstrong. Fearless.
And I love her sassy mouth.
As we get closer, I find I want more than that.
Then she hits me with a big WTF.
And I want to make her mine.

Entangled with her. Forever.

Love a little spice with your crime? You got it!
Entangled Heart is the sixth book in the Ashby Crime Family Series with no cheating, no cliffhanger and like always, an HEA!


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