Family Ties

Ashby Crime Family Romance

My brother sold me to a dangerous gang of bikers.
Yep. That’s the kind of family I have.
One night when I was beaten and bruised, Charlie Ellison found me.
Another biker,
One that had me questioning everything.
Is he my knight on a chrome stallion?
Or the devil in a leather kutte?
I may never find out.
He doesn’t want me,
He wants what I know.
I shouldn’t tell him anything,
But with those dreamy eyes and a smile that makes me melt,
How can I say no?

I’m the new prez of the Reckless Bastards MC, I have a club to protect and men to lead.
So when I come across Savannah Rhymer, broken and lost, I do a double take.
I have to make an impossible choice.
A choice neither my club, nor my family want.
But I want to get into Savannah’s head, and finally, her heart.
Only then can get back to the business of doing what I do best.
Riding my bike, protecting my family,
And making her mine.

Warning: This book touches on the world of addiction and abuse.

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This is the fifth book in the Ashby Crime Family Series!


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