Lady Luck

Ashby Crime Family Romance

After I lost my husband to the ruthless underworld
I knew I’d never love again.He was my heart. My world.
Guilt, sadness and betrayal keep me from letting go.
Then I meet Emmett Manning
A big, musclebound, panty melting distraction.

He’s just a friend.
And right now, he is the last thing I need.

I’m not one of them.
Or at least I thought I wasn’t
Until I kill a man with my bare hands.
He should have stayed away from Vanessa.
I’ll protect her in any way I can,
The demons inside me are real.
So are my feelings for Vanessa.
The sexy widow is still in mourning.
I’ll slow down, take a breath, stay in the friend-zone.
Because when she’s ready for real love I’ll be here for my Lady Luck

Love a little spice with your crime? Lady Luck delivers.
This is the fourth book in the Ashby Crime Family Series!

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Arranged in order of publication.

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