Stone Cold

Ashby Crime Family Romance

I’ve already killed one man for her and I’ll do it again if I have to.

Being a perfect little angel all my life has caused me nothing but pain.
I did everything I was told with a smile on my face.
Communion, serving others, keeping my virtue intact.
But when I get accused of a crime I didn’t commit; they all turn on me.
My friends, my family, the church.
So I flee, straight into the underworld of Glitz, NV.
And the big strong arms of Calvin Ashby.
He’s super rich, super smart and annoyingly attractive.
And this is where we get complicated.
He’s a criminal. A killer.
And I’m in love with him.
The fight between my head and my heart is real.

Bonnie Byrne is so good, she’s bad.
Bad for me, bad for the family and definitely bad for the ache in my pants.
You see, she’s a church girl. A virgin church girl.
Prim, proper and too good for this bad boy.
Until she takes a wrong turn and almost gets killed.
I’ve felt her pain. She doesn’t deserve it.
I have to pull her back in from the darkness.
If she’ll let me in.
I have to save her. Again and again.
And I’ll protect her until my dying day.

Warning: This book touches on the world of addiction and abuse.

Love a little spice with your crime? Stone Cold delivers.
This is the second book in the Ashby Crime Family Series!


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