A Soldier For Christmas

Special Forces Series

When Christmas hits the desert, things get hot!

Staff Sergeant Derrick Lawley
Another year away from home on Christmas. As a counter-intelligence officer with the US Army, my job doesn’t come with paid time off, not even for the holidays.

But Christmas in the desert gets a lot more interesting once Sophia Rossi, world-famous singer, hits the scene. She’s a fireball brunette with a powerhouse voice and curves that have my fingers aching to touch her.

She’s only in Baghdad for ten days, surely that’s enough to get a little backstage time.

Sophia Rossi
I’m in Jingle Bell Hell. It’s the week before Christmas and I’m giving Ebenezer Scrooge a run for his money. Which is a real problem with paparazzi chasing me around town, waiting for me to have a public meltdown following my nasty divorce.

Luckily, I’m heading out of town for the holidays. Straight to the heart of a war zone. Spending Christmas in the desert isn’t exactly my dream vacation, but it’s better than being home, where all I do is get assaulted with glossy coated gossip magazine covers reminding me just how far my ex-husband has moved on since our split.

Performing for hundreds of military troops turns out to be the perfect distraction, especially after I meet Derrick Lawley.

A Soldier for Christmas is a novella-length holiday military romance with a whole lot of HEAT! No cliffhanger and a very happy ending. Intended for readers 18+ due to Kindle-melting scenes and sexy sergeants who can melt your panties in thirty seconds or less!

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