All Star

All Star

Bad Boys Of Summer

I’ve been traded from my all-star baseball team in beautiful Southern California to Cow Country, USA.


They call me a bad boy, a drunk, a playboy. Who cares? News media sucks.
Well, except for one sexy little spinner named Josie Crawford.
She’s a hot little fireball of a reporter. Devil-red lips, legs that won’t quit – and cowboy boots. Damn.
She thinks I’m cocky, arrogant and too BIG for my britches.
I think she’s the sexiest woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on.
And I’ve seen plenty.
Just when I’m about to make a move, another hot mess tears through my life and tries to screw up the team, my reputation and my heart.

Love long legged pro athletes who can melt your heart with just a smile? You got it!

All Star is a full-length bad boy pro baseball romance with a little bit of baseball and a whole lot of HEAT! No cliffhanger and a very happy ending.


★Previously published as Sweet Spot★

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