CAOS MC Series

When Trina left ten years ago, it just about killed me.
And damn! She just walked back into my life with a kid in tow.
I bet he’s mine. Looks a lot like me. But I don’t know how to be a father.
I’m an outlaw, a party animal and a player.
Favorite game? Wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am with all the chicks in Brently.
But there’s only one girl I truly want. And she’ll realize that once I get her crazy ex-convict boyfriend off her back.
I’ll kill the bastard if I have to.
‘Cause this time, she’s mine and no one is getting in my way.

If you love dirty-talking heroes who love their MC as much as their women, one-click this insta love novella now.

Baz is a standalone MC Romance. The last book in the CAOS MC Series. No cliffhangers, just kindle-melting happily ever afters!

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Arranged in order of publication.

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