CAOS MC: The Series

CAOS MC Series


My bike. My cut. The club.
Three things I love most in life.
But, my club brother, Magnus is f*cking dead.


First time I lay eyes on Minx, I want her.
Those curvy hips and full @ss belong on my bike.
Or maybe bent over it while I’m hard as steel.


I swore an oath to live and die by my club…
And it’s the club life that’ll kill me. Or Baz’s sweeter-than-candy little sister, Cherie, who’s supposed to be hands off.


Rule #1: Never screw the sheriff’s daughter.
I’m an enforcer—an outlaw. I’ve never been big on playing by the book.
But when I see Kyla Darlington and her candy-sweet curves, I can’t resist.


When Trina left ten years ago, it just about killed me.
And damn! She just walked back into my life with a kid in tow.
I bet he’s mine. Looks a lot like me. But I don’t know how to be a father.


When I find Isabelle beaten and bruised on the side of the road,my inner beast explodes.
I’ll kill the bastard who did this to her.
Beautiful redheads do me in every time.

If you love dirty-talking bikers who love their MC as much as their women, one-click CAOS MC The Series NOW! This box set includes all the CAOS MC books and one MC Standalone, Crossfire for your reading pleasure.

Guaranteed kindle-melting steam, happily ever afters and no cliffhangers!

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Arranged in order of publication.

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