CAOS MC Series

First time I lay eyes on Minx, I want her.

Those curvy hips and full @ss belong on my bike.
Or maybe bent over it while I’m hard as steel.
But she keeps her distance, which is probably for the best, because she doesn’t want a relationship—neither do I.
It’s just asking for trouble.
Been there, done that, seen it all.
Don’t think much will make me want to settle down.
I’ve got too much to lose.
The club is my life and that’s enough.
But there’s something about that hot little spinner that makes me want more.
A lot more.
I don’t know where she comes from or what she’s hiding, but I’m going to find out.
Then she ends up missing.
I’ll do anything to find her.
And when I do—I’ll do anything to keep her.
The last thing I expect is for her to bring me to my knees.
But she does—in more ways than one.

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Cash is a standalone MC Romance. Second Book in the CAOS Series. No cliffhangers, just kindle-melting happily ever afters!

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Arranged in order of publication.

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