Reckless Souls MC California

In a world where loyalty is everything and betrayal gets you killed; I’ll risk it all for her.

As the newest patched member of the Reckless Souls, my loyalty runs deep. I’m hustling day and night to move up the ranks, but everything shifts the second Cassidy Vega, a free-spirited truck driver, blows into Angel Harbor and flips my world upside down.

Before I can blink, Cassidy gets snatched up by a rival crew. My MC brothers refuse to intervene, wary of an unknown in a world where trust is not given—it’s earned. But I can’t sit back and watch her fate unfold. She’s under my skin and has become more than just a hot minute between the sheets.

When it comes to Cassidy, there are no limits—only ride or die.

I’ll put my life on the line to get her back in my arms again.

If you love Narcos and Son’s of Anarchy, then you’ll be captivated by the morally gray hero and stranger-in-town intrigue in Diesel, the next book in the Reckless Souls Series.

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