Dreams Come True: A Dirty Billionaire Box Set

Fairytale Romances

This Box Set Contains All Three Dirty Wicked Fairytales Including A Brand New No Place Like Him!

Johnny Hatter’s a player. Just ask anyone.

I’m also a world class designer.
Until critics start to say I’m washed up.
Now the company wants to bring in someone else.
But I don’t like to share.
Just ask my ex—the woman who’s out to destroy me.
Or as I call her, the queen of smashing hearts.
My charmed life becomes more like a curse,
Taking a turn down a dark rabbit hole.
Until Alice walks in.
She’s everything that’s good and innocent.
And I want her so bad.
It’d never work.
But I’d give it all up for just one chance.

He’s a filthy rich beast.

I bet he f**k’s like an animal too.

The first time we meet,
I see more of my client than any self-respecting lawyer should.
Every sizable inch of his hard body on display.
I almost come on the spot.
Too bad my visit is for business—not pleasure.
Because he’s losing everything,
And it’s my job to help him get it back.
Not screw him.

I’ve lost everything that matters to me.
My woman, my money, my business.
I withdraw to my castle, angry and bitter.
Pissed off at the world.
But then I meet her—my smokin’ hot attorney.
Prim, proper, she’s as distracting as hell.
Suddenly, I don’t want to lick my wounds.
I want to lick her.
It’s no longer just about winning back what I’ve lost.
It’s about winning her.

Sometimes a girl has got to make her own fairy-tale ending.

I moved to NYC for adventure,
And found it in a ten-thousand-dollar suit.
Toby Wallace is my employer’s biggest client.
And he wants me to take care of him,
I mean…only in a professional sense.

But Toby is hot, tempting, and extremely seductive.
Over the course of one dirty weekend,
This small-town virgin is caught up in a tornado of lust.
Over and over (and over) again.

I didn’t move to the big city for love.
But the yellow brick road lead me there,
To him and his perfectly sculpted abs.
But when we get back to the city,
His mother shows how just how much of a wicked witch she can be.

I’ve got the brains and heart, but not the courage to fight this.
Until I realize, there’s no place like him.

Three different books, three different modern dirty fairytales with a whole lot of heat and happily ever afters!


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