Holiday Havoc


Reckless Bastards MC Series

All I want for Christmas is to score a new hook up . . .

Not that kind.
I’m the newest patched member of the Motorcycle Club and I want to prove myself.
Do something good for the club.
But when I set eyes on Marisol, things change.
Now all I want is her.
In my bed all night long.

First, I’ll have to deal with the cartel punk she’s been hangin’ with.
The jerk has ideas above his pay grade, starting with her.
But I’ll finish him. And have Marisol back in my arms in no time.
Should be as easy as pumpkin pie.

Making the ladies holler for more and fighting the MC war is what me and the club does best.
And let me tell you, it’s a hell of a way to spend the holidays.

There’ll be guns a-blazin’, girl’s a-screamin’, and balls a-jingling this holiday season!

Love filthy talking bikers who can drop your panties with just a whisper? You got it!

Holiday Havoc is a full-length standalone MC romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and happily ever afters!
This extra special edition has all the Reckless Bastard’s POV’s. Enjoy!


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