Reckless MC Opey Texas Chapter

Demons from my past won’t let me sleep.
I’ve seen too many terrible things from being in the military.

War. Death. Destruction.

Good ol’ Dr. Annabelle Keyes can make it disappear for a while.
She may be a well respected Doctor while she’s at work,
but she is one freak in the sheets.
And too good for a man like me.

We’ve got a friends-with-benefits type of relationship,
Except we’re not really friends.
It’s more of a love-hate thing.
Sure, she helps out the MC when someone needs stitched up or a bullet removed.
But other than fightin’ and screwin’? We don’t have that type of chemistry.
Until the G-men start to threaten the good Doc.
Now I’m feeling some kind of way.

Perhaps these old demons have been preparing me for what I need to do next.
Protect my woman and my club.

Book Four in the Reckless MC Opey Texas Chapter Series will take you and a hot AF ride on the wild side!
Grumpy Filthy talkin’ bikers who love their club as much as their women!
Loaded is a full length novel with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA!

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