Love In The Shadows

Love In The Shadows

Knight Moves

When past meets present, second chances come with a price.

Bennett and I have history. It hit a dead end when my life was on the line, and I had to vanish into the witness protection program, courtesy of some low-life syndicate scum.

Now as I mix cocktails in the swankiest bar in Hollywood, hiding in plain sight, he strolls back into my life.

Suddenly, the walls I’ve built around me start to crack, revealing the lies I’ve been hiding.

The chemistry between us still smolders, the spark refusing to die no matter what forces tore us apart. But I’m a marked woman again, my life in the crosshairs of merciless killers.

Bennett is the only one reckless enough to try to keep me safe from the chaos raging around us.

If he doesn’t get himself killed in the process.

You met Bennett and Tori in Knight Moves and now they have their own happily-ever-after in this high stakes second chance romance!

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