Reckless Souls MC California

I traded war zones for open roads.
Never imagined I’d be stuck babysitting a sweet spinner like Aria, sheltered in her gilded prison.
As the pressure builds in this pink hellhole, Aria keeps testing me, tempting me. Her captivating allure, her fearless defiance—it makes me want her.
But I have a job to do and refuse to be just another conquest.
Everything takes a dark turn when we find the buried secrets of her old man—secrets darker and deeper than the FBI. Aria is in more danger than we thought.
With each revelation, our bond grows stronger, forged in the flames of this godforsaken inferno. Now, the feds are closing in and Aria desperately needs my help.
Caught between the dangerous world of the club and this mission, I’m torn between diving in headfirst or pulling away completely.
One thing’s for sure, Aria may see me as a beast, but I won’t give up until I make this beauty mine.

Love filthy talking bikers who can drop your panties with just a whisper? You got it! Lucky continues the story of the hottest biker series today with the 8th installment of the Reckless Souls MC!

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