Special Forces Collection

Special Forces Series

Four Books. Four Very Sexy Soldiers. All in this specially priced box set!

600+ pages of Steamy Small Town Military Romance!
I’m an elite army ranger. I can face down deadly threats without breaking a sweat.
Being a single parent—that’s something else altogether.

I have no clue and find myself looking for help online, feeling foolish because I’m used to being in control.
I stumble across Isla Jenkins on an online parenting board. She’s hot, she’s smart, and she’s single. Just like me, she’s wrangling a kid all by herself.
Maybe it’s crazy, but she’s a shot of sanity in my life.
Just as we start getting close, her ex comes out of nowhere—demanding to see Lily, the daughter he’s never even met.
In a panic, Isla tells him she’s engaged and turns to me for help.
I’m happy to help. I’m also more than happy to make her ex take the hint.
I didn’t count on losing control in another way.
This was supposed to be a fake engagement.
Isla’s got me tied up in knots in more way than one.

A fake marriage in exchange for my freedom?
Where do I sign?

When my career as an Army Ranger comes to a close, my parents give me an ultimatum.
If I want my inheritance, I have to play by their rules.
And marriage is in their cards—not mine.
Guess I’ll have to trade in my playboy status, or go it alone.
Until I meet Penny Lakin. She’s smart, sexy and more than willing to say I do.
But she comes with conditions.
No sex. No love. No heartbreak.
My life was mapped out for me well before I was born.
But my parents’ expectations don’t fit with my plans.
I want to view life from behind my camera
I just don’t know how . . .
Until Miles offers me an arrangement that’ll set us up for life, and set us both free.
One Year. No drama. And definitely no sex.
A no brainer, right?

One look from across a crowded room…
She isn’t supposed to be here.

Alyssa is every man’s dream. She’s beautiful on the outside and tough on the inside.
I let her go over a stupid selfish lie I told myself three years ago, and she moved on.
I was an idiot to think she’d wait for me. But, it’s a second chance I’ll grab with both hands.
She’s got a new man, hell, a totally new life.
I still love her and I want her back.
And I’ll never let go of her again.
I’m happy. On the surface, at least.
I’ve moved on.
A new career. A new man. A new life.
There’s no room for anything else.
Until, I see Finn, the big bad soldier who left me three years ago.
Did he really expect me to wait?
Now, I’m torn. Do I continue on with the façade? Or go back to the man who left me, the one who really holds my heart?

A Soldier for Christmas
As a counter-intelligence officer with the US Army, my job doesn’t come with paid time off, not even for the holidays.
But Christmas in the desert gets a lot more interesting once Sophia Rossi, world-famous singer, hits the sand. She’s a fireball brunette with a powerhouse voice and curves that have my fingers aching to touch her.
She’s only in Baghdad for ten days, surely that’s enough time to get a little backstage pass.
I’m in Jingle Bell Hell. It’s the week before Christmas and I’m giving Ebenezer Scrooge a run for his money. The paparazzi’s chasing me around town, waiting for me to have a public meltdown following my nasty divorce.
Luckily, I’m heading out of town for the holidays. Straight to the heart of a war zone.
And Special Forces hottie Derrick Lawley.

Love filthy talking soldiers who can melt your panties with just a look? You got it!
The Special Forces series are full-length standalone romances with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happily ever after!

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