Reckless Souls MC California

Time behind bars can change a man. It’s made me more determined to protect what’s mine.

My life as a former Navy SEAL and now a patched member of the Reckless Souls MC has taught me to steer clear of love. It’s chaotic, unpredictable, and unmanageable—much like my current stint behind bars.

Then there’s Sophie, a recent flame in my otherwise dark existence.

While I’m locked up, she drops a bombshell that changes everything—she’s pregnant with my child. Her fierce independence is as captivating as it is infuriating.

I won’t let anything happen to her or our baby. Even if she looks at me like I’m the devil incarnate.

With enemies closing in, my options are dwindling. I need to neutralize the threat to my club before the next assault shatters everything I hold dear. I’m no stranger to battle, and I’ll go through hell and back to protect what’s mine.

But will it be enough to win over Sophie’s heart?

If you crave workplace romances tinged with a flavor of forbidden love, then Tank from the Reckless Souls Series is your next must-read.

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