Reckless MC Opey Texas Chapter

I moved to Texas to get away from the constant battles,
Because I can’t keep fighting the bad guys and keep my kid sister safe.

She’s changed my life for the better, and I still get my kicks at work.
This time, running Texas’ biggest Adult Entertainment Club.
But when Trouble comes knocking at my door, I can’t say no.
Not again.
Peaches. The girl looks as sweet as her name.
But looks can be deceiving because she’s no ordinary girl.
She all woman with a kick ass job, one that has her in trouble with the US government.
They’re out for blood.
Says she can handle it on her own,
That she doesn’t need my help.
But she came looking for me, all the way from Mayhem.
I let her go once,
It won’t happen again.
The woman has lit a fire inside of me,
An external kind of flame.
I need her in my life, not for a day or a week,
But for always.

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