Wicked Pleasures: A Dark Mafia Romance

Wicked Pleasures

Ashby Crime Family: Book 3

Terry Manning is the devil in disguise.
He’s my brother’s best friend and totally off limits.
I’ve been in love with him since I was a kid, but he only sees me as Jasper’s little sister.
Now I’m all grown up and determined to show him that I’m not a child anymore.
Even if it means playing with fire…
The moment we touch, the sparks fly. Terry is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.
He’s strong, passionate, and loyal—the kind of man who will fight for me no matter what.
When our attraction for each other becomes undeniable, I wonder if love is enough to overcome the danger that surrounds us.
Including my deadly brother.
I know I should stay away, but his gentle touch and tender words make it impossible.
Will this forbidden love bring us closer together or tear us apart?
It’s a risk I’m willing to take—but is he?

Warning: This book touches on addiction and abuse. It contains strong language and graphic violence.

Fans of Peaky Blinders and Ray Donovan will love this Irish American mob romance!

Previously released as The Devil You Know. Newly updated and re-edited, it’s the same story you know and love, only better!


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