Reckless MC Opey Texas Chapter

Living in the sticks is boring. Mundane.
Good thing the club keeps me busy,
As members get their kink on,
And the ladies keep me up.
All. Night. Long.

But damn if the one woman I want under me is off limits.
Ella Mae.
The most badass woman ever and the VP of a rival MC.
Turns out, there’s more than one way to be forbidden.

I want her so bad.
I can’t move forward, and I can’t stay away.
She’s the whole package.
And as hot as the Texas sun.

But someone is out to get her,
Desperate enough spill blood.
I’ll protect her, even though she can take care of herself.
Because the woman drives me wild,
And no one is going to take what’s mine.
I’ll protect her. Love her. Make her mine

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