Velvet Fire

Ashby Crime Family Romance

Do or die. Kill or be killed. I was born into this grim reality.


I never thought I’d fall in love with a cold blooded killer.
But with those dreamy eyes and that smile that won’t quit.
I find I’m thinking of Virgil more and more.
So what if he’s a criminal.
My brothers are too. I’ve been around bad boys all of my life.
And I’m not sure,
Is he really that bad?
Even after he saves my life?


I’m not a knight in shining armor,
Or even one of the good guys,
But I really screw up when I kidnap the wrong girl.

Maisie from Texas, with curves in all the right places.
She thinks I’m her salvation—her rescuer.
Not the guy who drugged her…
But they say everything happens for a reason,
And she’s my reason. My salvation.

I’ll rise up for her. Protect her.
Crush those who are out to hurt her,
And prove not all Prince Charming’s ride a white stallion.
I’ll do it for her. For us.
And when she’s safe, I’ll make her mine.

Love a little spice with your crime? You got it! Velvet Fire delivers.
This is the first book in the Ashby Crime Family Series!

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